How to Encourage Girls in STEM

The past week or two have been quite busy for me, so I haven’t found the time to sit down and complete a whole post for today.

However, a little while ago I wrote this piece for the STEM Toy Expert about why girls leave STEM and practical ways to encourage girls to pursue it instead. If you do want to read it, the link is just below!

How to Encourage Girls in STEM | From Their Early Years onto Careers


Have a great week and I’ll be sure to have a proper post up soon!

One thought on “How to Encourage Girls in STEM

  1. Hey there! Just saw your reddit post you amde about 3 months back about this so wanted to drop some info off about Inspiring Girls Now in Technology Evolution. Hope you can become a panelists for girls interested in STEM in middle and high school.

    Inspiring Girls Now in Technology Evolution (IGNITE Worldwide) will be having a virtual Gala! IGNITE chapters in middle and high school connect girls with women in STEM careers. We recently had a virtual panel with Tesla and have had panels with PlayStation, Boeing, Amazon, and other leading tech giants.

    Check out our website on ways you can help us with virtual panels and find out more information about our Spring Virtual Gala on May 30th. Also, my sister is the Regional Director in Northern California and would love more women to join future panels!

    Check out

    or on facebook at

    The virtual Gala information can be found on Facebook:

    Thanks for reading an hope you’re staying healthy!


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