Mystery Molecule 5

If you’ve enjoyed the previous challenges of the Mystery Molecules, then have some fun solving for this latest one!


  • It’s made up of 3 atoms
  • As with many compounds, it’s toxic to humans, but is very important regardless
  • The world contains about 3 billion metric tons of it
  • In its gaseous state, it is a pale blue colour
  • It is a powerful oxidant and is used industrially to disinfect materials, food, water and kill bacteria, fungi, insects and water-based pathogens.
  • In 1839 it was first named, then its chemical structure was determined in 1865



For an extra helpful hint, read below. If you’re confident without it, then go ahead and comment!





  • It is most known as an atmospheric gas, commonly mentioned in reference to a “hole”



Please comment if you’ve guessed it. And if you enjoyed this challenge, be sure to check out, the previous Mystery Molecules!

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