Mystery Molecule 4

If you’ve enjoyed the previous mystery molecules, you may find this one an interesting challenge.

As a bonus, I’ve even included an image of this one!

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 11.30.21 am
Image sourced from Pubchem

Other information

  • If you know how to read the above picture, you can find out the atom types and hence molecular weight and formula!
  • It is an odourless white powder at room temperature
  • Its density is 1.23 g per cubic centimetre
  • It exists in both a hydrate and anhydrous form, one of which sublimes at 178 degrees C and the other melts at 235 degrees C
  • It has been documented to have caused 92 fatalities since 1959
  • It is contained in the nectar of some flowers to attract insects to return and has been found to be produced in at least 60 different species of plant
  • Scientists ingest more of this substance than individuals in any other profession
  • Areas of the Pacific Ocean are polluted with this molecule at concentrations up to 45 nanograms per litre, causing cellular stresses in marine organisms



That’s it! If you’ve guessed, or Googled, comment below what you think it is!

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