Mystery Molecule 2

This particular mystery molecule may be harder than the last, so please enjoy, and comment below if you guess!

  • Makes up 0.04% of the atmosphere
  • Has a sublimation point of -78.5 °C
  • Heat of combustion is 0 kJ/mol
  • It’s essential for life as we know it
  • It was discovered about 1630 by Jan von Helmont and it’s atomic makeup proposed by John Dalton in 1803
  • Use in extinguishing fires
  • It’s found in soft drinks
  • Used to remove up to 99% caffeine from coffee to make decaf
  • It’s generally considered non-toxic
  • When dissolved, it increases acidity
  • It has no taste, colour or smell
  • Density is 1.98 kg/m^3
  • It can exist in liquid form in deep ocean environments
  • The average human produces and removes approximately 1 kg of this every 24 hours



And that’s all. Have fun guessing and remember to comment below if you’re inspired to guess!

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