Nerds will take over the world

An Automated World
And one in which the nerds’ll probably survive

Nerds are a stereotype. As a group, we are seen to like to sit and read or study by ourselves. So then people think we have poor social skills. Possible careers include science, IT, engineering, math…….

I dislike being stereotyped like this, but I think we can all agree that this stereotype is not quite aligned with world domination because you’d need some understanding of people to take over the world unlike the nerd above.

But it’s actually already happening. Nerds are starting to take over. And we can predict that within the next century nerds will become dominant.

If you haven’t guessed yet, it’s another of those things that’s been coming up every once and while in the news or social media …. the loss of jobs because of increasing technology. In fact by 2030, it is predicted that Australia will lose 40% of jobs and the US lose nearly 50%, particularly those more tedious jobs that require little human interaction. Jobs in management and leadership are least likely to be taken over by robots and AI, leaving those people who have always been successful to stay successful.

But then it’s the nerds’ time to shine. The STEM job market is actually projected to increase by nearly 10% over the next decade, as the overall job market decreases 40%.

That’s a ball that was kickstarted with the nerds inventing a computer last century in 1946. Then they developed the programming language LISP in 1958- today’s preferred language for AI. Then robots, scanning technologies, voice recognition technology, deep learning, and the list goes on.

There’s also the science to go along with that technology. Modern electronics are based on flow of electrons, stemming from the development of quantum physics in the early 20th century. There’s the mathematicians, statisticians and engineers behind the big tech companies. Now there’s huge numbers of people trying to build quantum computers that will revolutionise almost every current industry.

So as jobs are continually automated, the nerds survive to further this technology because no computer or technology can outperform their creative intelligence and problem solving … at least not until they invent it!


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